Episode 10 Season 1 Finale SS Haze, Bull Wreck, Green Crack Oils


Whew! Been caught up in quite a few things in life and we’re back to present Season 1 finale! We checked out Karma Delivery’s Concentrates and Waxes, Super Silver Haze, BullWreck, Green Crack. Stay tuned for season 2!


Episode 9 – AK48 & Island Sweet Skunk


Winter frostiness in summer! Frosty danky goodness of AK48 and a up and coming strain known as Island Sweet Skunk from Karma Delivery service! Woot to 10k channel views!

The Dank City – Green Door Sour Special


Our first post using WordPress, This week we review two Sour strains from the Green Door, Sour Dawg and Super Sour Diesel. Despite the similar genetic background they prove to be quite different!